Welcome to Saraswati Senior Secondary Vidya Mandir

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Yojana was started in 1952 at Pakkibagh, Gorakhpur. Which received the affection and blessing of many imminent people from time to time. Due to the support and acceptance of the society and great men, Shushu Mandir Yojana is successfully doing the work of their allround Development by creating a sense of patroitism among brothers/sisters through 22,452 schools across the country.

Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Which is going prestige due to the special system of imparting culture along with education is the whole society a school like Gorakhpur should also be in Deoria, such an excellent thought was made by the local union and education loving workers. Over time, land was purchased WIth the plan of setting U.P. a chain of new schools in Deoria district like "Ek Deep Se Jale Doosra, Jalte Deep Anek". Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Deoria Khas, Deoria was established on July 01, 1988 after preliminary counstruction as required. In this, there is an education system for brothers and sisters from infant (Kilkari) to fifth grade. In the campus itself, there is CBSE approved residential Narvdeshwar Singh Saraswati Senior Secondary Vidya Mandir from Class 6 to 12. Which has education system only for brothers.

We look forword to provide the best education with the best discipline and manners from infant (Kilkari) to class 12th satandard in a single campus.

Our Management Team

Ashok Kumar Srivastav


Munni Lal Sharma


Gaurav Goel


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