About Vidya Mandir

After attaining independence, on the basis of realization of 'Self', creation of system of 'Self' was expected in every sphere of life. Had efforts been made to inculcate in the child a sense of self-respect, country, self-culture and affinity towards the glorious tradition of history, then there would not have been a lack of qualified persons in every field of life. Many plans were made for nation building, factories were established yesterday, the country was endowed with military power, industry became prosperous, yet it lost its moral level and life values.

In such a situation, there is a need for such schools in our country which can inculcate the qualities of selfless patriotism, self-reliance, proper knowledge, self-reliance and dynamic activity etc. in the students. For this great work, there will have to be a radical change in the prevailing education system, and popularize and spread the education system inspired by Indian culture and tradition. Inspired by these thoughts, Vidya Bharti All India Education Institute has started such Vidya Mandirs, which are equipped with a new education system (which is based on Indian values of life, Panchmukhi Shiksha and Panchpadi Shikshan System) all over India.

Saraswati Senior Secondary School affiliated to 'Vidya Bharti, All India Education Institute' - Deoria was inaugurated in 1979 by the Deoria Bal Vikas Samiti, Deoria with the inspiration of Late Narvdeshwar Singh, the then departmental executive of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The institution obtained the recognition of High School in 1990-91 and Intermediate in 1998-99 by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. This school is the first in Deoria district and 10th school of Vidya Bharti in Uttar Pradesh. The main basis of our success is public cooperation and innovative work method.

With the active cooperation of all of you, we will be able to provide functional, age-appropriate and employment-oriented education to our brothers and sisters.